Care homes under new regulations


With the closure of the UK’s largest care provider for the elderly last year, proposals have been proposed for greater oversight of the providers’ finances.

With the collapse of Southern Cross Healthcare 750 care homes were also closed, leaving tens of thousands of elderly without a care home. The new proposals have been suggested in order to prevent such incidents occurring again.

The proposals have been are being seen as a step in the right direction as Dr Peter Carter, Chief Executive and General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing, described the proposals as being long overdue, a view that is shared by Jane Vass, a member of Age UK. Dr Carter stated: “For some time we have been concerned about the ability of providers to deliver high quality care and run on a sound financial footing”.

However, other areas are being investigated, and Care Minister Norman Lamb said of the matter:

“I think there is a significant lack of corporate accountability for the quality of care that is provided in care homes and in private hospitals and that’s something that I’m determined to address. I just have a sense that the whole regulatory model for the care sector is not actually yet fit for purpose.”

The proposals have come about following cases of abuse within care homes, such as in Winterbourne View care home in Bristol.


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