Samsung’s avalanche continues with the Ativ Q



When Korean giants Samsung showcased their impressive new displays earlier this year, it was an exciting sign of things to come. Paired with the launch of flagship smartphone the Galaxy S4, it’s clear that Samsung is “avalanching” the tech market whilst competitor Apple is simply dropping “snowflakes”, according to Dan Farber of CNET.

The latest addition to that avalanche of products is Samsung’s Ativ Q, a Windows-Android hybrid tablet.

Comparable to Sony’s Vaio Duo 11, an 11.6”, 1920 x 1080 resolution tablet, the Samsung’s new release also uses Windows 8’s touchscreen functionality for optimal use both as a tablet and laptop. The 13.3” Ativ Q claims bragging rights over Sony though, with the super impressive 3200 x 1800 resolution display and ability to run two operating systems simultaneously; Android (Jelly Bean) and Windows 8.

Why Merge a Mobile OS with Desktop?

With so many people torn between choosing tablets or a laptop, Samsung’s Ativ Q meets the need of people who want to have a personal computer to get work done and enjoy the thousands of apps in the Google Play Store. Let’s not forget that Windows 8 hasn’t exactly been praised for its selection of apps – so this should be a welcome feature for people who want something to let them work & play.

You could maybe argue that the Ativ Q is trying to be too many things, but even if the dual OS feature is just to make up for the below-par app ecosystem in Windows 8; I think it’s worth merging the two platforms.

What do you think though? Are you more likely to use different devices for different uses, or would you prefer something like the Ativ Q that can provide the best of both worlds? Leave your comments below!



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