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Every so often I’m flicking through the desktops on my iPhone and realise that there’s really nothing at all exciting on there and subsequently end up browsing the App Store. A couple weeks ago I came across a cute little app named ‘Pair’, I clicked on it to explore it a little more. At this point the main selling point was that it wasn’t actually for sale, it was free.

It didn’t take long for me to discover that Pair, just another of the hundreds of social networking apps available on the iPhone, was specifically designed for people in a long distance relationship. So naturally me and Aaron (Seren’s Editor), who live in the same house, Pair-ed (mostly for the hilarity of it).

Pair has been a delight so far with it’s particular highlight being when I originally invited Aaron to ‘pair’ with me and his phone presented him with the message “LJ wants to use Juliet with you”. We still don’t know exactly what it meant by that.

So what exactly can Pair provide that simply messaging, or another social networking app, can’t? While the messaging on Pair is pretty much the same as it is on anything else the app does integrate a few cool features to help you feel closer to your loved one, or housemate in the next room. Photos can be taken from within Pair which will be sent to your Pair-ee and also stored into the app under the ‘Moments’ tool. Also, saved into moments will be the pictures you draw each other which can be drawn and sent on the app too. Not only can one partner draw a picture and send it to the other but there is a live sketch option in which both can draw on the same canvas at the same time. It’s not exactly my favourite feature but that’s mostly because Aaron finds it hilarious to erase everything I draw as I draw it.

There is an option within the app to send a notification to the other’s phone to tell them that they are thinking of you. For example, my phone is constantly popping up with the message ‘Aaron is thinking of you’ which I imagine would be cute should you be using Pair for its intended purpose. Your location can also be sent over GPS to your Pair partner, I imagine this probably isn’t for the best if you’re paired with a stalker, nor is it useful when you live in the same house as them.

Probably Pair’s biggest feature is the ‘Thumb Kiss’ which requires both partners to be on the app at the same time. Placing your thumb on your screen brings up a print on your partner’s which when covered with their thumb will cause both phone’s to vibrate.

Pair also stores information like your anniversary and both of your birthdays which I can only assume would notify you on the day and means that you have no excuse for not sending cards! The shared tasks option is also pretty nifty. It allows you both to add tasks and either of you can check it off once it is done. Our shared task was to terrorise our other housemate, you’ll be glad to know it was checked off moments after being added.

Being specifically created for iPhone, or at least it is at present, Pair has Facetime integrated into it making a video call with your loved one pretty easy from within the app.

One of the main things to remember about Pair is that you may only ‘pair’ with one partner at a time, though in the settings there is an option to ‘Unpair’.

For a free app Pair is definitely worth the download. Even if you don’t intend to use it for its intended purpose, like us, then it is pretty entertaining.


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