Golden Oldies – Mortal Engines & The Hobbit


Christmas isn’t just about new things; presents can be from a time before the internet – fancy that!


Mortal Engines, the first book in the Hungry City Chronicles, tells the story of a future world where cities roam around feasting on each other for fuel. Based around the first ever mobile city, and now one of the last, London, the tale follows two different storylines. One is of an apprentice to the Guild of Historians who has been dragged off of the city by a would-be assassin. The other concerns the foiling of a fiendish plot by the Mayor and the Guild of Engineers that could change the face of Municipal Darwinism forever.


It’ll be another year until the film hits the big screen but The Hobbit will always be a superb gift as it’s a superb book. The classic story is well-known and loved by all so this will make a brillaint gift for a younger brother, sister, cousin or even a parent; Tolkien’s work is ageless.


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  1. I consider Lord of the Rings to be among the finest cinematic achievements in motion picture history. As for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the closest approximation is The Phantom Menace. I liked The Phantom Menace back in May 1999 and I still do (in defense of… ). But I now know exactly how those who disliked or hated Episode One felt on that fateful evening 12.5 years ago. I feel your pain, for now it is my pain as well.^

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