Classic of the Month: A Christmas Carol


Marley was dead: to begin with. What other opening line conjures up that ebullient festive feeling that comes from the eerie mid-winter tale that is A Christmas Carol? Possibly the most well-known and retold Christmas story of all time, second only to the Nativity, Dickens’ short work is the perfect little read for the crisp nights leading up to the 25th. Have any of you actually ever read it though?
The reason everyone knows the story so well is because the adaptations of it have been so prolific and, unlike other books, faithful. After all, who doesn’t know and love A Muppet’s Christmas Carol or Bill Murray’s modern retelling Scrooged? However good these films are, the book is still better; darker, yes, but better.

This was a social commentary on greed and ignorance towards the plight of your fellow man, so the subject matter is bleak but that’s what makes the redemption of Scrooge so much brighter and uplifting.
Pick up a copy and enjoy it whilst sipping on a hot chococlate, surrounded by the lights of Christmas.


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