New sabbs elected


The results of the 2012 sabbatical elections have today been announced.


After days of hard fraught campaigning, a new voting system and much jovial banter between candidates, the new sabbatical officers are Antony Butcher for President, Shon Prebble for VP Education & Welfare, Ash Kierans for VP Societies & Community and Emyr Bath for VP Sports & Healthy Living.


The results breakdown for the Presidential election are in the first and only round:

Anthony Butcher 1230 votes

Joey McNally 207 votes

Will Osborne 373 votes

Re-open nomination 25 votes

Concluding Antony Butcher won the Presidential election with a landslide victory.


The results breakdown  for the VP Education & Welfare election are in the first round:

Shon Prebble 590 votes

Drew Turner 497 votes

Becca Powell 396 votes

Re-open nomination 30 votes,

Meaning that the quota for the first round was not met which resulted in the second round being taken into account, the results were as follows:

Shon Prebble 164 votes

Drew Turner 134 votes

Concluding that overall, Shon Prebble will take the post of VP Education & Welfare.


The results breakdown for the VP Societies & Community election in the first round are:

Reece Buchanan 511 votes

Ash Kierans 694 votes

Yueun Chung 245 votes

Re-open nomination 34 votes

Meaning the election entered the second round and the results are as follows:

Reece Buchanan 102 votes

Ash Kierans 86 votes

Concluding Ash Kierans will take the post of VP Societies & Community in the September.


The results breakdown for the VP Sport & Healthy Living election are in the first and only round:

Emyr Bath 1094 votes

Abigail Finch 547 votes

Re-open nomination 72 votes

Concluding Emyr bath swept the floor and is elected as the new VP Sports and healthy living.


Commiseration goes out to all unsuccessful candidates and once again the elections were very fruitful and full of great candidates.


The voting process this year had been changed significantly so that voting could be done online, and as a result of this voting numbers have risen to an all time high, resulting in 2140 voters casting votes.


Antony Butcher commented after his victory “I’m amazed, I thought it would be close, I thought I had a good chance, but I had no idea it would be like that, I’m blown away”


The new sabbatical officers will shadow the current sabbs and take official office in July where they will be expected to get working on the aims of their manifestos. The new sabbatical officers show much promise and will continue the good work of the past two years sabbatical team.



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