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Dafydd the Bear of Bangor Nightline here. Exam time is nearly upon us once again, which can be a grizzly time for everyone, even us bears. Perhaps you are worried that you haven’t revised enough for your big exam. Maybe you are nervous about how you will cope with your first university exam. Or maybe you just want a takeaway number to ease your revision-induced hunger pains. Whatever is on your mind, and whatever you want to talk about, Nightline is open every night during term time (even reading week), to listen to you. When other services are unavailable, and a friendly ear may be hard to find, Nightline is open. We don’t judge, never advise, and treat your call with the utmost confidentiality. Whenever you phone, your call will be answered by a fellow Bangor student. They will listen to you, and let you lead the conversation, giving you your own space to explore your thoughts and feelings in a friendly low-pressure way. So, whatever you want to talk about, call Nightline! Our number can be found all over the place; if you live up on Ffriddoedd site, then you’ll find my posters dotted on the ground floors of most buildings, or you can even find our number in your lecture locations like Wheldon and Main Arts. Feel free to save the number on your phone next time you see a poster.

Nightline is also a charity, and by attending our fundraisers and donating you are ensuring an amazing service continues for years to come. So if you are in need of a break during reading week, then why not take a break from revision and come down to the Ship Launch for a pub quiz on November 1st. Or perhaps join me for a dance at the Railway institute Ceilidh on the 10th of November.


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