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Many of you have enjoyed such classics as The Lion King, Shrek and Toy Story and you may also have enjoyed Afro Samurai, Bleach or Pokemon. But have you found a society that indulges this passion of yours? You have now! We are BAWLS, the Bangor Animation Watchers and Lovers Society, and our aim is simple: to provide a society where people of all degrees can gather to discuss, watch and enjoy animation from all sources. We meet weekly in the Main Arts foyer on Sundays at 7pm, where we then go as a group en masse to Lecture room 3 to watch an animated film or selection of TV episodes, and then afterwards it is PUB TIME! As well as our weekly meetings, we have socials themed around animation, and also take group excursions to Comic Cons and conventions around the UK, most recently the Wales Comic Con, which was awesome!


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