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Bangor Business Society’s main aim is to unite students within the business school, from all years and all courses and to provide them with support, as well as social and academic events for them to enjoy and benefit from.  This year’s committee consists of 5 enthusiastic and hardworking individuals who are willing to put 100% in to make this academic year a successful one.

So far we have been involved in Serendipity, the annual activities fair, promoting ourselves and meeting a lot of our members; meet and greet socials, including our BBS Quiz which proved a huge success with prizes including BBS Hoodies and Amazon vouchers; and a book sale, where not only those people that sold their books, earned a fair amount of money, but we as a Society managed to raise over £100.  This now means that we will be able to run future events at a lower cost and give something back to the students.  Our next event is our Halloween trip to Alton Towers ‘Scare-fest’ which takes place on 28th October 2012.  This was a big success last year and we know it will be a sell-out trip this year as well!  Other events we have planned for the near future include a trip to Anglesey to see the firework display to celebrate Bonfire Night and a winter ball towards the end of term.

For the academic side of the society, we also have a lot planned.  This includes the “£10 start-up challenge” which gives students the opportunity to create a mini-business and try to become as successful as they can by using methods they have learnt during their courses.  Guest lectures are another idea we have; we are looking into getting business professionals in to give an insight into their roles and provide any advice they may have.  The stock market challenge; investment society; and the Study Buddy scheme are other events we’re also involved with. Further details of these can be found on our social networking pages.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have been involved so far, without you, the students; we would not be able to progress and succeed.  For those who are interested in joining it is not too late, please email us at or join us on Facebook ‘BBS2012/13’ or Twitter @BBusinesSociety.  We also value your opinions and ideas, so if you have something we’d like to arrange, do let us know.  We look forward to seeing you around Bangor and at our upcoming events.


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