Top Hats and Corsets Grace the Doors of Academi as SVB host Moulin Rouge!


It’s been a very busy month for the SVB Promotions Committee, with most of our time going towards re-establishing our Moulin Rouge night in Academi. SVB have run a Moulin Rouge Night annually for many years now. Despite not doing so last year due to the lack of any decent student nightclub in Bangor, this year it was as popular as ever, and SVB managed to raise over £800!

The doors to Academi, which had been tastefully decorated with silhouettes of burlesque dancers, red and black stars and plenty of tinsel and glitter, opened at 10pm. The movie was played on the video screens throughout the evening, and we even had an elephant. Okay, so it wasn’t a giant model with a bed inside, but someone did show up wearing an elephant costume which was by far the most creative costume of the evening! The only thing missing was a giant red windmill (we’ll work on one for next year!)

By 11pm, the dance floor was reminiscent of a scene from the movie, minus Nicole Kidman hanging from the ceiling (and to be honest, the ceilings are a little low in Academi). However, we had something even better than Ms Kidman – the Bangor University Dance Club!

The DJ Society ensured everyone got on their twinkle-toes to the latest tunes and some old favourites too, not to mention some Moulin Rouge-style music to dance the night away. The 1.30am curfew rolled by far too quickly, as everyone left, all glowing from such an awesome evening.

I may have mentioned once or twice, that this event was pulled off by the SVB Promotions Committee. Guess what? We have an opening for one more member! It you want to be part of an awesome team that organises brilliant events like this, and gets the word out about volunteering to students all over Bangor, drop us an e-mail: by Monday 6 December. You can also hunt us down on Facebook – ‘Student Volunteering Bangor’.

If promoting ain’t your thing, but you still want to get involved in the wonderful world of student volunteering, you can sign up for our mailing list, which will let you know when various projects are recruiting and also advertise more informal one-off volunteering opportunities, on our website –


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