Queens Jubilee Celebrations


Queen Elizabeth II has celebrated her 60th anniversary as British monarchy this week and breaking tradition, she spent the anniversary of her ascension day making public appearances in Norfolk, as opposed to spending it privately.


The queen visited Kings Lynn Town Hall and Dersingham Infant and Nursery School, where she met budding infant well-wishers who later gave a musical performance to mark the occasion, in which the queen was guest of honour.


More public celebrations will commence later on in the year and the official jubilee bank holiday weekend will take place 2nd to 5th of June.


Some event organisers have cunningly cashed in on this and there are many things to do on the Jubilee weekend.


A concert in Buckingham Palace which is being run by the BBC is set to take place and Buckingham Palace have announced Shirley Bassey, Jessie J and Elton John form some of the line up to play at the concert, providing music for every generation.


Besides national events, many local events have been scheduled from carnivals, big community lunches and even a series of beacon lightings in order to try and create a hype and feeling of national pride for the Jubilee celebrations.


Meanwhile, on the day of the actual coronation, gun salutes where held throughout the UK, in London and Edinburgh to bring a prestigious feeling to the day.


Queen Elizabeth II has throughout her reign seen much transformation in Britain and the commonwealth, overseeing 12 prime ministerial eras, and many wars, and that’s just scratching the surface.


She has helped Britain overcome many hard times and has always provided a powerful figure head for the nation. Her position as head of the royal family has made British royalty probably the most regarded in the world.


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