Olympics Home Work Trial


Many London businesses and government departments have this month trialled a scheme to promote home working in order to try and reduce congestion come the months of the Olympic games.


As well as the home working initiative, some workers, notably government department workers have been asked to cycle or walk to work as another way of trying to ease congestion during the games.


The Government is encouraging the scheme after an already over capacitated public transport system will be put to the test during the summer months as city workers and Olympic tourists from around the world will be flooding the tube, London busses and taxis.


This news comes after  a revealing documentary on Channel 4 which exposed how dangerously busy the underground was already, and following a report that there is concern about there not be enough black cabs in London to cope with the dramatic boost in tourism during the Olympic period.


It is hoped that many businesses will allow their employees to work from home and devise new working arrangements so that productivity will still be on top form, and the recent trials are expected to raise issues which will be addressed in time for the launch of the games.


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