Gwynedd Council – Health And Safety Gone Mad?


Gwynedd Council have been criticised recently for placing health and safety warnings on a group of rocks on a beach in Cardigan Bay. The group of rocks, that might in some peoples eyes be viewed as perfect for larking about on, are in fact a danger to life and limb for anyone foolhardy enough to go near them, according to the council.

A spokesperson for the council said that the rocks contain, “significant voids” which when combined with the slipperiness of being near the sea, make them dangerous to people.  They said that the council has a duty of care to the public and wanted to inform the public that there are apparently dangers of standing on large, wet rocks with “significant voids”.

Some local people are unhappy with the move, claiming that they give off entirely the wrong image, as the beach is in an area with significant income from tourism. “It’s as if they have seen people enjoying themselves on the rocks and want to stop it”.


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