Bangor to be under lockdown by 6pm Saturday


Image of the lockdown area from the Welsh Government (© Crown copyright and database right 2020)

The Welsh government has confirmed that Bangor will be placed under local lockdown, with new restrictions coming into effect at 6pm Saturday (10th Oct). The additional restrictions, listed below, include prohibiting gatherings between multiple households as well as a cessation of travel in and out of the city.

New restrictions:

  • Indoor gatherings between multiple households are now prohibited. Exceptions are made for households with only one person or single parents, who may form an exclusive ‘bubble’ with one other household inside the lockdown area.
  • Non-essential travel in and out of Bangor is now prohibited, punishable by fines. Essential travel includes reaching workplaces (if you cannot work from home), acquiring essential goods (if you cannot acquire them in Bangor), and attending university classes (if you cannot attend online).
  • Outdoor gatherings of up to 30 people may still take place, as long as all attendees are from inside Bangor.

Bangor is the next in several counties and cities which have been placed under similar lockdown measures.


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