Leisure hub to be created in Bangor’s parc Bryn Cegin


Gwynedd council recently announced the development of Bangor’s new leisure centre by company Liberty Properties Developments Ltd.

Liberty made proposals that included a multi-screen cinema, five restaurants, a family pub and a Welsh produce shop with the possibility to add a Tourist Information Centre and a drive through coffee shop.

Liberty Development Director EmyrWilliams said: “We are delighted to have been selected by [the]Welsh Government to promote a high quality destination [and]family leisure scheme, at Bryn Cegin. We believe this will act as a catalyst to “kick start” the Bryn Cegin employment site, but also to act as a quality attraction for Bangor, as both a major university city and North West Wales’ regional centre. “We will work closely with Gwynedd Council and the local community to create real jobs and significant inward investment, in to North West Wales!”

The developments on the former industrial site are expected to create up to 400 jobs: 100 full time and between 250-300 part time.

Economy Minister Edwina Hart said: “The proposals, which will be subject to statutory approvals, will have the potential to create employment opportunities that would provide a significant benefit for the local community and could also act as a catalyst to attract further investment to the site.”

This announcement came as the “WE NEED A CINEMA & BOWLING at Parc Bryn Cegin Bangor” Facebook page gathered about 6,000 people. The logic of the creators is simple: if there are potential customers, there will be companies interested.

Until now, Bryn Cegin parc has lain empty for 15 years. Further details should be given in the coming months.


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