Locals Fear For Their Community


Residents of Bangor have aired their fears that the city is turning into a ‘student ghetto’.
A meeting was conducted by the Garth residents to discuss their anger on the plans for a 64 student development on Garth Road.
Local residents believe the proportion of student accommodation to that of family homes is growing out of control.
Lionel Gardner, a Bangor resident, said: “What concerns me is that Bangor is being submerged more and more by student accommodation”.
“There’s an unhealthy balance between university students and the population of Bangor – 12,000 students in a city of 13,000 is totally unreasonable. Parts of Bangor are becoming ghettos as part of a much bigger ghetto”.
The noise disruption is a constant issue for the locals, resulting in many complaints being logged against students.
Another resident, Bryn Tomos, added: “On what evidence do we need more student accommodation here?”
In addition to other issues, a main concern that has been raised is the lack of consideration for the Welsh language. With more and more students moving to Bangor, English is rapidly becoming the first language.
Councillor Jean Forsyth said: “I haven’t seen one house going back from a HMO to a domestic property and it’s destroying the fabric of society because the youngsters can’t find a first time home”.
Each year Bangor is welcoming more International students from all over the world, who will be requiring homes. At a recent meeting, developers Huw and Yi Jones were accused of being ‘racist’ due to their housing being aimed at Chinese students only.
Yi Jones said: “Being Chinese myself, as a Masters student nine years ago, arranging a room was very difficult. I could help Chinese students find a place to live.”
However, student’s opinions on this matter are quite the opposite, believing that Bangor’s main purpose and income is students.
Kevin Griffin, Bangor student, described how ridiculous these suggestions are. “It’s an unfair observation on students. In no way have we made Bangor a ‘ghetto’, as far as I can tell, it has not changed over the past three years. If anything, the young people from Bangor cause more trouble than the students do”.
A Gwynedd Council spokesperson added: “The application is currently out to consultation and at present the intention, unless there are any changes in circumstances, is to report the application to the Planning Committee on November 4, 2013.”


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  1. What a ridiculous suggestion, as a local and then student of bangor myself, I can say from both perspectives that the students are the only thing keeping bangor going. Many years ago bangor was a dump, it’s now getting a lot of investment to improve it and its status – would this happen without the student influence? Not a chance, the student’s fuel Bangor’s economy. You only have to look at bangor high street during the summer holiday weeks to know this is the case.

    With regards to anti-social behaviour, the majority of this is caused by the locals of Maes-g, Niwbro, etc! I’m not saying the students are perfect, but they definitely get an unfair share of the blame.

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