Hotel Worker Faces Conviction


Laptop  files used as evidence

A 52 year old man has been convicted of sexual offences in Llandudno. The hotel porter was facing seven charges of child pornography on Friday 18th October.

Christopher Holt of Trinity Avenue, failed to appear at his hearing despite previously denying all offences. He was found guilty in his absence and will be sentenced at a later date.

The offences including six counts of downloading indecent images of a child and one of possessing 168 indecent photographs of a child.

After investigations, Holt told the police “it’s absolute nothing to do with me”, and claimed he had no idea how the images came to be on his computer. He stated that his computer was at times available for visitors of the hotel to use along with staff, where they could always access the internet.

However prosecutor, Robert Blakemore, said the times of which the images had been downloaded did not tie in with the times in which Holt’s laptop was left in the bar.
The name of the hotel is still being kept classified.

During a raid, the police seized a laptop and numerous USB pen drives as well as several thousand ‘exchanges of chat’ in two chat rooms. This evidence brought the jury to a unanimous guilty decision.
The court also heard how there had been a live gallery of indecent images

A court chairwoman announced that it was not possible that all of this evidence had been planted on Holt’s laptop by other users.

Mary Williams said “The prosecution evidence was very comprehensive”.


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