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Caernarfon Car Theft Gang Jailed


A gang of four men have been sentenced to a total of seven years in jail for a spate of robberies from cars in rural areas around Caernarfon.

In a case presided over by Judge Rhys Rowlands at Mold Crown Court, the four men were accused of stealing various electronics and valuables from parked cars in the Bethel, Deiniolen and Llanrug areas. The operation occurred over a two night period earlier this year, accessing 14 cars in the area and collecting items of value from the glove compartments.

The men were jailed for conspiracy to steal from cars, a sentencing which amounted to a total of seven years. Martin Williams, 44, claimed that he was bed-ridden during the period, explaining that stolen jewellery the police found on him had belonged to the other members of the group. Despite this, he was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment. Two of the men, Simon Lilley, 30, and Martin Binfield, 33, were each given 21 months. Mathew Thomas, 29, who provided the group with a car and a flat, was given 14 months.

As he sentenced the four men, Judge Rowlands praised the police for their efforts in stopping the gang. “You four worked together as a team targeting rural communities,” he said. “Items of significant value were taken and in one case the gold ring was of significant sentimental value. Had it not been for the diligence and good work of the police, I suspect you would have continued to offend. Now the four of you must face the consequences of what you have done.”


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