How To Save Cash When Buying Those Christmas Goodies!


With Christmas just around the corner budgeting is starting to become even more of a commodity now than it once was. With a plethora of presents to buy and Christmas cards to find the expenses can soon add up. As we however know the Internet can sometimes be a gift and if used wisely we can find a lot of good ways to save those pounds around the festive season. This list of websites shows a way that you can save a few pounds during the all important end of loan period.

The community nature of the Internet means that almost as soon as something is published it is not only up for public scrutiny but public discussion and the website hotukdeals  utilises this in order to find the cheapest and best deals out there on the web and around the high streets. It allows users to rate whether or not they found a post useful and the feedback from users lets you compare prices to elsewhere.  A similar idea to the hotukdeals website Money Saving Expert has a series of forums that also allow people to submit what they stumble across and share it with the masses.

Another website that may be worth a look could be a website dedicated to finding codes that can be used when shopping online in order to make those festive purchases cheaper. The site has a convenient “top 50” section that shows a quicker way to browse through the site combined with a categories section that allows people to refine their searches.

If a book is more up your street whilst some of the larger online shops can seem cheaper and the charity shops may well be a good idea it may well be worth a quick visit to find-a-book . A website that allows users to search for a book and then tries to look in its database to suggest where would be the cheapest place to buy it from.

Websites such as Quidco offer not only discounts but sometimes offer money back on purchases however these often seem to be higher end purchases such as mobile phones, games consoles or car insurance however they do claim you could save £100 on an iPhone – I’m not overly sure if that would work however they seem to have been covered by the likes of the BBC and the telegraph.

As well as those mentioned so far we have the likes of Kelkoo, for price comparisons, kelkoo searches a plethora of retailers to try and find the cheapest price in a similar way to Google.

The internet has a few more websites similar to these however this list is the ones with the most information about them around the web and some of them have had some media coverage in the past only to continue to be overlooked by the general masses.


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