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The Most Lovable 90’s Couples




Ida adores..

Ally and Billy from Ally McBeal

The relationship between Billy and Ally was truly the centrepiece of the Ally McBeal-series. Billy, Ally’s childhood sweetheart, suddenly dumped her right before they both started law school. Years later they ended up working in the same firm with Billy now a married man. To make things more complicated, Billy’s wife Georgia also joined the team later on. Even though Ally claims throughout the series to be totally over Billy, the source of many of her anxieties lies in Billy’s presence. Not including a momentary relapse Billy and Ally stay as quite innocent something-more-than-friends until the bittersweet end.


Amy adores…

Cory and Topanga from Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World first aired in 1993 and from the moment they met we knew Cory and Topanga were meant to be. They were without a doubt the greatest television couple of the 90s, no other Disney Channel couple compares; that includes Troy and Gabriella. Topanga was a fabulous female role model, she takes the lead and is totally badass, which she shows by instigating the couples very first kiss in season one and then even proposes at graduation five seasons on. I can not wait for the spin off ‘Girl Meets World’ and for more of my favourite television couple of the 90s.


Sara adores…

Monica and Chandler from Friends

Looking back on the 90s it’s fair to say that Friends gave us one of the greatest on-screen couples of all time – Monica Geller and Chandler Bing. Unlike the constant roller-coaster that was Ross and Rachel, for 10 years we watched Monica and Chandler’s relationship grow from awkward friends who were ‘never that close anyway’ to parents and partners. They gave us some deeply emotional moments of TV as well as the usual laughs – from Monica’s proposal to discovering they couldn’t have kids – but they gave us plenty of laughs too and it was thanks to all of these moments that their relationship seemed as real as any in real life.


Nicola adores…

TJ and Spinelli from The Recess

Any kid who watched Recess growing up cannot deny that they liked the pairing of TJ and Spinelli. These two cool kids were best friends who got up to some pretty wacky adventures with the rest of the gang, and while we never actually had them become boyfriend and girlfriend (I mean, they’re just kids) we did get several hints that they shared a mutual crush – heck, we even got a kiss surrounded by pretty pink rainbows in The Experiment episode, and while they acted grossed-out after the incident, I think we can all agree it was only an act to protect their tough reputations.


Heather adores…

Zack and Kelly from Saved by the Bell

Zack Morris was the mischievous, blond haired protagonist who always seemed to be winding up principal Belding. Kelly was the classic, popular, hot girl. As far as Zack was concerned Kelly was the girl of his dreams, and he was always devising ways to win her over. This seemed odd to a young girl, because Zack was clearly the hottest boy at the school, and the subject of many first crushes – unless of course you preferred his jock friend Slater. The couple were likeable, despite playing very stereotypical roles of the hot guy and girl, and fans were rewarded with a marriage in Las Vegas in a later film.


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