Game Bits – December 2012


Skyrim DLC delay for PS3

Playstation 3 players of the hugely popular open world RPG, Skyrim, will be left even more frustrated after Bethesda released yet more downloadable content for the Xbox 360 version. Xbox players are now enjoying their 3rd DLC, Dragonborn, which adds an entirely new map,a large new main quest line and new enemies , whereas Playstation gamers are still waiting for their first. A release date has been confirmed for Dragonborn, which will appease PS3 gamers a little; however they are still being left in the dark over any potential release of the other 2 DLC’s, Dawnguard and Hearthfire.

Playstation trumps Xbox in Netflix ratings

Playstation users have been using the Netflix service on their consoles more often than their Xbox counterparts, recently released figures show. The streaming site run their service through various devices, including internet tv’s and Wii consoles, however PS3 is the clear winner. This victory is made even more impressive considering there are many more Xbox 360 owners and the Netflix service has been live on 360 a year longer than on the Playstation network. The Netflix service is only available to Xbox Live Gold members who pay a subscription and this is payable as well as a Netflix subscription. However, on PS3, the online service is free with the consumer only needing a Netflix account. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said that “PS3 streaming has even surpassed PC viewer hours among its 30 million members at some points this year”.

New Tomb Raider screenshots released

A new set of screenshots released for the new upcoming Tomb Raider show Lara Croft in a variety of unfamiliar situations. Her iconic dual wielded pistols are no more, instead she’s favouring a far more stealthy bow and arrow. This stealth element is clearly highlighted in the screenshots, which were released earlier this week. One shows the heroine hiding behind a crate, as an enemy stands nearby. Another shows off the gorgeous graphics that are achievable with the current generation of consoles. The game, due to be released in 2013, will be the first Tomb Raider title in over 5 years and will take place in an entirely new setting, exploring Lara Croft’s early years.


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