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If you are struggling to decide what to get for your friend or family members for Christmas, and if you know that one of the people close to you loves to read, here is a small collection of ideas that are a great gift for one of your bookish friends and family.


As someone with an ever-growing collection of my own, bookmarks are a great gift for someone who loves to read – you can never have enough of them. Bookmarks can also be found anywhere in many different styles, such as: the magnetic ones that fold over the page; the metal ones that stick out from the top of the book; or the simple and classic nicely designed piece of paper or fabric that sits within the pages and never lets you lose your place. And instead of using the receipt of their newest book (or even their most recent grocery shop), they can now use the new gift from you to mark the book that they are currently reading. And if you are really last minute, printable and DIY bookmarks are a perfect choice for this gift. There is a huge selection of printable designs that you can find online, and can always be tailored to the likes of your friends, whether they are a Harry Potter or Jane Austen fan – or it can be personalised with their own name or star sign, which makes it more personal if you make them yourself. Bookmarks are the perfect small gift for your bookish friend.

Book subscription boxes

If you really want to treat someone who loves books, over the past few years subscription boxes have become a lot more popular, and you can even find ones that are specifically catered to book lovers. These subscription boxes are usually monthly, however certain boxes can be bought individually in advance or be purchased as a previous box that released for an earlier month.  Each month’s box usually has a different theme, such as unlikely romances or urban fantasy, and is full of things that fit the theme, including gifts like art prints, tea or mugs. And if they enjoy the wide selection of gifts they get in the box, it may just encourage them to treat themselves to a continuing subscription where they can get even more bookish goodies. Popular subscription boxes are Fairyloot, TheBookishBox, and LitJoy Crate.

Gift Cards

An obvious choice, but if you know the gift receiver relatively well, finding a new book that they would love to start reading will always be a welcome addition to their shelves. However, choosing a new book for someone can be tricky, especially if you are in a pinch for time. Sometimes you may pick up a book they have already read or that just isn’t their type of read. That’s why gift cards are a great choice for them. Just by knowing that they are a reader, you are sure to know that one of their favourite places to shop is the local bookstore, and getting a gift card for them will make sure they can get a book they love. You can also get gift cards for online sites, which then opens up an even larger world of books for them to choose from, and adds to the growing list of books they want to read. 


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