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The Name of the Wind is an epic fantasy, which has you hooked from start to finish. We hear of the protagonist, Kvothe’s, many legendary titles and deeds, only to learn that in reality most of these deeds were accidental, yet they make him into more of a hero. His sharp wit and intellect has you amazed from the beginning, with such determination that he is set apart from the usual heroes who just ‘magically slay the dragon’ as we see the harsh truths of how he achieves these deeds. As with any hero, he has a fatal flaw; his arrogance, leading him trouble at every turn. The magic in this book is so believable you have to shake yourself every time you close the book to remind yourself it is not real. There is love, loss and legend and is definitely a must-read this Christmas.

Patrick Rothfuss founded a charity called Worldbuilders. It runs every year, and is running at present. The charity that Worldbuilders raises money for is Heifer International: “They don’t just keep kids from starving; they make it so families can take care of themselves. They give goats, sheep, and chickens to families so their children have milk to drink, warm clothes to wear, and eggs to eat.”

To raise money for this, tons of authors and publishers donate books, ARCS and even offer to critique your work! All you have to do is donate! For every $10 you donate your name gets entered into the lottery once for a chance to win. Alternatively, you can bid on auctions for super awesome stuff, or if you want something guaranteed you can always just buy something from Pat’s store the Tinker’s Packs.

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