All Hallow’s Read


All Hallow’s Read is a recent Halloween tradition invented by best-selling author Neil Gaiman in 2010. The premise is simple: give someone a scary book for Halloween. It’s a great way to get people reading and to share your favourite horror stories (or give away that book that gave you nightmares). It’s also a brilliant way to celebrate Halloween. Now this could just be me and my excessive horror film collection, but show me a scary film and you will not get much of a reaction out of me, other than an appreciation of gore. Give me a scary book to read? I’ll turn all the lights on, make sure my back is firmly against the wall, refuse to leave the safety of my bed and read that thing ‘til the sun comes up. I don’t know what it is, but books have the power to terrify me, and Halloween just isn’t any fun without that little bit of fear creeping up my spine. Let’s face it; no one’s going to be losing sleep because of your oh-so-horrifying werewolf costume are they? So why not give your friends a genuine scare, and find them a terrifying tale from your friendly local bookseller or charity shop? It’ll be like Christmas come early, just with more blood and stuff. And who knows? Maybe you’ll get a scary book in return.


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