Bangor University Debating Union- How old is too old to trick or treat?


As spooky season fast approaches, I am left wondering many things. Is it too basic if I just dress up as a cat again for Halloween? Does my pumpkin even look like I’ve tried to carve a face out of it? Or how old is too old to go trick or treating? Well, this year in the Bangor Debating Society, we have decided to tackle one of these issues.

Although we won’t be passing judgment on your costumes or pumpkin carving skills, we will be setting out to unveil the answer behind one age-old question that gets repeated every Halloween. We all know the scene, you answer your door expecting some kids with their parents and instead you find a 6-foot man, with stubble, dressed as superman. Reluctantly, you hand him the sweets and think ‘is that kid too old to be trick treating?’. Or maybe you are the 6-foot superman, just looking for a fun time and some free food (we are uni students after all).

Whatever your opinion, come along to our seasonal debate. It’s just going to be some lighthearted fun where you can passionately defend the right to free chocolate at all ages… or tell those people that they need to grow up. Whatever your stance, come along for an opportunity to meet some new people, improve your public speaking skills, and get in the spooky spirit.

The debate will be held on the 29th of October via zoom, with the official motion being ‘THBT you’re never too old for trick or treating’ so keep an eye on our FaceBook page Bangor University Debating Union, or our Instagram account @bangoruni_debate to find the link closer to the time.


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