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afro caribbean 3The Afro-Caribbean Society of Bangor in collaboration with the North-Wales Jamaican Society came together on the 10th of November, 2012, to deliver the biggest ever Afro-Caribbean event to hit Bangor University.

The night was full of fun and was totally mind-blowing, with lights, cameras and lots of action. A Live Band was present to open the wonderful event of the night. As expected, the beautiful drum rhythms from the live band brought the whole Fridd Site (area of the night’s event) to a stand-still with students, et al. coming out of their accommodation and looking-on in awe and excitement.

The night was indeed fulfilling to all. Nonetheless, the Afro-Caribbean Society is definitely not sleeping on this success and has already planned out a fun-filled calendar spanning this academic year. Don’t Miss Out.

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