Well look at how fast the year is ade Ball hosted by Psych Society and going already and soon it will Nightline, there are still some tickets left be Christmas! I can’t wait to see and it promises to be an amazing night. what Santa has for me and for Nightline! Last year he gave me a teddy bear and he is still one of my dear friends who’s always there to listen to me, kind of like how Nightline is always around too. If you ever need to talk to anyone no mat- ter what it’s about then Nightline is al- ways there for you with a friendly and non-judgemental voice to listen and talk. Look out for their number on post- ers and if you have the keyring on the back of it and feel free to add it to your phone. Oh! Before I go I just want to in- vite you all to the Christmas Masquer- There is a Facebook page set up for it which you can find by friending me on facebook at Dafydd Nightline, Ban- gor University Nightline or by keeping an eye out for Psych Society. I can tell you now I am excited for it! I am going to be there in my mask and suit show- ing off my moves and giving out hugs! I just hope they don’t mind me coming in without shoes, it’s hard to find shoes that fit so I guess I’ll have to go Bear- footed! See you around, readers! Nightline are avaliable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 01248 362121


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