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Society Girls do… Beaumaris Christmas Fair


On the 24th November this year, Beaumaris held its annual Victorian Christmas event – an eclectic mix of elves, rather-tipsy looking Santas and all things Victorian. Being the Christmas addict that I am, I couldn’t resist a visit and dragged my less-than-enthusiastic friend along under the pretence of being ‘chief photographer’. With entertainment ranging from Barrel Organs to ice skating, it was difficult to know where to start, but as usual, my inner child prevailed and we went in hunt of the infamous ‘Santa’s Grotto’. With the sweet aromas of mince pies and roasting chestnuts filling our nostrils and ‘snow’ falling from the sky (which it has to be said was more reminiscent of foam parties at Peep), it was hard not to get that familiar buzz about the approaching 25th of December. However, after half an hour of trailing the streets in search of the ‘real’ Santa’s grotto, we had to face the reality that at 5pm, Santa had probably packed up his sack and gone in search of some Victorian ale, leaving us to move onto Ice skating.

You would have thought that after many failed attempts and many bruised rear-ends later, I would have finally accepted that perhaps ice skating is just not suited to someone whose balance resembles that of a penguin on a tight-rope, or that perhaps I would have realised the fact that the oldest person on the ice was 7 years old meant it probably wasn’t such a great idea – but no. With my skates on and my friend waiting poised with the camera for that inevitable face-plant, I took to the ice. Now here, I would like to say that something ‘clicked’, that I finally discovered how to glide effortlessly and twirl like in Dancing on Ice, but after 10 minutes of clinging desperately to the side, fighting with tiny children for the push-along penguins, I gave in and accepted my defeat before I ended up face-down in a crowd of about 20 kids.

To finish the night (and recover from my skating ordeal), we settled for a heart-warming hog roast whilst listening to some ‘rousing’ carol singing, topped off by the switching on of the Christmas tree lights. This was the perfect end to our Christmas experience, leaving only the battle of persuading my housemates that November isn’t too early to put up the Christmas decorations…


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