New Society: MOBS!


Minecraft society (MOBS) is a brand new society dedicated to players of the game Minecraft. For you gamer-types it’s really just a limitless sandbox to run around in but for those unfamiliar with gaming it’s essentially LEGO on a infinite scale with monsters (known as Mobs!) and explosives. This is all playable in multiplayer or single player  environments with no limitations with the cherry on top being that there is a ridiculously huge modding, or personalisation, community. My personal favourite is the Pokemon mod where you can catch and level them up and I believe someone has already built a stunningly accurate Pontio using TNT and water. Depending on what you want to do, you can play for different reasons; to build amazing structures, to make technical mechanisms, to fight other players, to play role play games, to play adventure maps. The list is endless!

The society has huge plans in development, from planning to recreate Bangor brick by  brick and potentially inter-university competitions with Iowa and Sheffield university! Having an online based community means members can play from anywhere and we can challenge any university that also has a club so you are never short of creative or survival/quest competitions to take part in. We are also a very social society, regularly meeting up to game together or go out. There is no regular meet-up time each week, you play when and how you want to, meaning when you log in there is almost always another person online to chat to whatever the time of day. To join, you can buy the latest version for a fraction of the price of other games or an earlier version for free! We also have our own dedicated server: and even our own blog


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