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It’s that time of year aValentines 1gain when we get to spread the love. It’s not always that easy though, not when money is tight. There’s that pressure that seems to come with Valentine’s Day too, that you need to go above and beyond to show someone how much they truly mean to you. Some of the nicest, most meaningful things come from the heart and it is precisely for that reason that Valentine’s Day can be more personal and romantic if you just put a bit of thought into it, however late you get around to celebrating the day.


It’s really easy to believe that you have to spend lots on Valentine’s day gifts but you really don’t need to go deep into that overdraft to show how much you love someone. The nicest gifts are more personal and carry more meaning.

Valentines 2Back in the old days, a mix tape was a sure-fire way of showing someone how much you cared. A tape of songs which reminded you of them. Nowadays tapes are obviously obsolete but you can still incorporate this idea by creating a Spotify playlist or even a mix CD.

Obviously this depends on how far you are into your relationship, but a personalised photo album can also be romantic. You can pick up plain photo albums really cheaply. Just decorate the front of it with hearts and messages of love before filling it with your favourite photos of you together. For an even more personal idea just swap the photo album for a scrapbook with notes of love alongside your favourite photos.

A jar of promises is a really simple idea but a great way of showing your love for your partner. Simply fill a jar with 365 (or 366 as it is a leap year) promises such as ‘massage’, ‘film of choice’, ‘breakfast in bed’, etc. Then each day your partner gets to take a promise from your jar. This also works with messages of love, poetry, songs, etc. This way you get to show your partner how much you care for the year. A spin off idea from this one is to buy a pack of playing cards and sticky notes onto the reverse of each card. Hole punch them then bind them together into a book of ‘52 I love u’s’.

The Date

A great idea for the traditional Valentine’s day is to re-enact your very first date. That was when the romance was the strongest and when you’ll have been the most eager to impress. Why not revisit those romance-filled days and remind your partner how charming you can be.

Have a day of your partner’s favourites. Start off with their favourite breakfast, then favourite activity, favourite film, dinner, music, etc. Surprise your partner all day by not telling them what the next thing on the list is.

Valentines 3Take your partner to experience something spectacular in nature, an easy thing to do in Bangor. A sunset from the pier, the snow on top of Snowdon, a seaside stroll…

Plan a scavenger hunt. Leave clues at different places around Bangor before finishing at a romantic spot, maybe the pier as the sun sets or a favourite romantic restaurant.

See, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive but it can be truly romantic and special for the both of you. Enjoy each other’s company, have fun and above all, have a great Valentine’s Day.


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