Welsh Energy Plan


Wales could meet 100% of its energy needs from renewable sources by 2035, under an “ambitious” new plan set out by policy experts

Environmental Policy in Wales has long been at the forefront of the Climate movement with hefty targets for emission reductions and waste management strategies. Now, one aspect of the new policy has emphasised the need for reforestation of Wales and with targets to high – Welsh farmers have raised concerned of that this drastic land-use change will have the their industry.

With Wales targeted to an 80% reduction in Carbon emissions by 2050, extensive measures must be in place to realise success. For farmers, these measure include methane reductions from livestock and improving on-farm efficiencies. Emissions from farming account for 12% of the total though half is from livestock.

The more recent ‘achieving a low-carbon pathway to 2030’ consultation has targeted for an additional 66,000 ha of trees. To achieve these targets, it has been said that around 1400 farms would need to be reforested and although this may be achievable – is it really what farmers want?




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