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Chewing Gum

It’s hard to believe that something we optionally place into our mouths is made out of plastic, but here it is, chewing gum consists of a large amount of plastic. Often manufacturers will leave this off of the label as it’s not the most appealing, but the plastic product is often listed on the label as “gum base”. Most gum bases will include polyethylene, a plastic that’s used to make plastic bottles and plastic bags. Gum bases also tend to contain polyisobutylene, this is literally the rubber used to make the inner tube of tyres. Truly appetising.


Yes, yes, I’m sure it’s essential to your outfit for your night at cube, but that glitter gel that’s going into your hair is often ending up in our environment by the end of the night. Glitter is considered a microplastic and is often made out of PET. The world has gone insane over microplastics in our environment, so why not help out to the movement against them and make 2019 a glitter free year.

 Tea Bags

It couldn’t get any worse for a Brit, than being told that your morning brew is contributing to globally damaging pollution. But unfortunately, it’s true. Many big branded tea bags will contain plastic. It’s not the bag itself but more so the sealant used to keep the bags closed. The tea bag is sealed using polyethylene, a plastic product that will not breakdown in the compost.



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