Tree Planting In Newborough


Llyn Parc Mawr Community Woodland group (LPMCWG) are encouraging students to join their tree planting events 

In 2014, 50 local people took the decision to work with nature and begin a forestry project that would promote sustainable forest management and engage the surrounding community with the process. Much work has been accomplished since then and the group perseveres in order to ensure environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable management are met.

Part of the forest management objectives involve maintaining recreational areas and developing the woodlands as an educational resource. Pertaining to these aims, the group hosts a variety of events on site, from Red Squirrel spotting to Fungal Forays’ and even the old Mad Hatters Tea Party on occasion.

Melissa, Founding member and Education Officer for Llyn Parc Mawr says:
“Including families, children and young people in the tree planting process is really important to us – they will be the ones who see the trees grow and are able to mark the passing of time through watching them…”

Along with tree planting, integrating forestry within the local community requires other engaging activities for children, such as forest schools and den building among many other lively events. As much effort as this requires, there is also the forest itself to maintain.

Besides the social aspect of LMCWG, the 24 hectares of woodland require physical management throughout the seasons, which is where you come in. One of the main objectives of the group is to increase the health of the forest and the animals which reside there, requiring an enormous amount of commitment.

“… because we want to ensure the forest is sustainable in the long term we have been under-planting (or enrichment planting)…”

Tim Peters, another founding member and vice-chair of Llyn Parc Mawr, continues on to explain the detrimental effects of Dothistroma needle blight on the growth of mature Corsican Pines. Shade-resistant trees need to be planted underneath the canopy. This process increases structural diversity and also means that if a larger tree falls down, the forest has one already growing to take its place. The term ‘continuous cover forestry’ is used to describe the management technique.

Lllyn Parc Mawr Community Forest Woodland Group aims to incorporate many key principles of long-term forest management including community and sustainability. By engaging with the wealth of educational (and not to mention fun) activities available, you will have a chance to be out in nature and be an integral part of forest growth. You will also gain the opportunity to see the community perspective on forest management and sustainability.


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ADDRESS: Niwbwrch, LlanfairPG, LL61 6SU


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