Student’s Union confirms “pigeon saga” arrangements


Bangor Students’ Union has confirmed arrangements for those affected by this morning’s exam cancellations with an update on their Facebook page. It read:

This comes after Seren, this morning, reported on how exams were cancelled for 224 students, due to noise being caused by pigeons who had found their way into the university’s main hall.

The cancellation, forty-five minutes into the exams, has left students unsure of whether they will be marked harshly once they finish the exam due to already seeing the paper. For international students the main concern is when they will be able to retake the exam as they are due to be travelling home.

“We’re currently liaising with the university to ensure that everyone is given the appropriate information on what will happen with rescheduling of exams with particular emphasis on international students who may need to travel home,” VP Education and Welfare, Rhys Taylor, told Seren after a number of concerns had been expressed by international students.

“When it was announced that the exam was cancelled until further notice there were no other words to describe it other then frustration,” Kyle Gauvin, an exchange student from the University of Maine explained.

“Knowing that I am leaving tomorrow morning and am not sure or even if I will be able to sit the exam makes it worse. It would make sense to try and stay for the exam, but not at the cost of making completely new arrangements for flights and trains for tomorrow. Hopefully there will be some way that I can take it when I get back state side, but as long as there is no extra cost to me” he said.

One international student, Varuna Hariharan, emailed Seren to express concerns over rescheduling exams;

“Rescheduling is definitely a problem since it involves cost factor and also if the exams are rescheduled within this month many exams will be clashing as there is no sufficient time and many people will be sitting for back to back exams”

Students’ Union President, Antony Butcher, is urging international students, or anyone unable to attend the rescheduled 30th May exam, to get in touch with their school as soon as possible.

“We are aware of the pigeon saga and will be speaking to the university about how they intend to solve this matter. The University is already looking at its options and will be contacting affected students shortly – if you have any particular concerns you can email myself and Rhys Taylor – and In the meantime – best of luck with your exams!” he said.

The University intends to email all affected students this afternoon and contacted Seren with a press release.

“First year and third year students following modules in Public Law and International Law were those mainly affected. Bangor University have apologised to the students concerned and in addition to rescheduling the exams, have assured students that they will not be disadvantaged as a result of this disruption” it said.

“Other students who were sitting other papers were relocated and were able to continue with their exam. The pigeons left the hall before the afternoon exam session, which went ahead as planned.”


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