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According to the studentbeans survey, you Bangor lot have been very busy. The survey takes an average number of sexual partners for students over their three years at Uni and places them all in an annual sex league table.

In 2011, we were ranked in at a celibate 57th place out of sixty one Universities in the UK. As I’m sure many of you are aware, things heated up a little for 2012 ranking us in at a reputable 1st place! (Well done for all your hard work guys). This year however, we seem to have calmed down slightly; I’m proud to inform you all we’re still in the top rankings, coming in at a much more respectable 39th place out of 109 Universities. Aberystwyth nailing us this year in 10th place.

So with all this sexual tension in the air, it leaves a few parental questions. Are we being safe? Is there enough sexual health information and support available to us in Bangor? I asked a few of you what you thought on the subject and there seemed to be one overall response….

“One thing that annoys me about Bangor University is the lack of attention to safe sex. I’ve never been offered advice on safe sex by anyone based within the University, not even a recommendation to visit the clinic in order to receive contraception. It may be fair to say that the University considers us as adults and therefore we should have knowledge about practising safe sex, but some people are still uneducated in this practice. I would like the University to set up their own practice or help service to educate students of the risks of unprotected sex and also they should have the ability to hand out contraception to any students who need it. I hope the University takes notice of these surveys/articles and understand there is a lot of sexual practice between students. Hopefully they see that some students need to be educated on safe sex and the consequences of not protecting yourself.” – Lewis Dodd, third year Media student.

Although we may not have anywhere near the facilities and support that some Universities have, they are still available, so no excuses!!

The Bodnant Medical Centre provide:

-Student only clinics each weekday. These are in addition to routine surgeries which students, registered with the practice, are free to attend.

-Student Health Nurse is available to deal with Family Planning, vaccinations, health checks etc.

-Special medical examinations and certificates free of charge for University courses and illness during the term.

These facilities are open to all students irrespective of which practice they are registered with.

Gwynedd Hospital also provides sexual health support.

Opening times:


Tuesday: 5pm – 7pm

Thursday: 10am – 12(noon) AND 5.30pm – 7.30pm


Monday: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Wednesday: 1.30pm – 4.30pm





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