That’s [not] debatable


That’s [not]debatable

So it seems that in life I’m an easily annoyed person – and one thing that seems to annoy me – especially this time of year is brand loyalty – well not so much the loyalty but the blinded debates it causes.

Amongst technology lovers, the debate between brands and makes is something that seems to annoyingly thrive in the world. Whether it is Android vs Apple, or Xbox vs PS3, it seems we love taking sides – even in celebrity breakups! The thing is that none of these pointless and countless debates ever seem to matter.

All of these arguments seem to be contested by the more militant people from each side as well; it’s like watching the BNP debate with Mahatma Gandhi at times. Not only are the more vocal argumentative types the first to dig in the verbal sword but it’s always the same verbal sword.

For example the amounts of times I’ve seen someone caress an android phone, then turn to an Apple user and say “don’t you get annoyed with the lack of customization?” Or the sheer frequency that I’ve heard someone say “Xbox’s suck because they can’t access the web for free”.

The same questions usually provoke the same responses as well, Apple users tend to prefer the “build and innovation” whereas android users like to play with their software and choose what happens. Either way people are going to like either one and a barrage of arguments won’t really change anything; I’m expecting a few years down the line people will knock on my door and try changing me to a Mac user or something.

I regularly get asked by people “do you own an xbox or PS3” and almost every time someone says the opposite to me, embarking on a quest to convince me why I was wrong in 2009. And each time get the same response – in fact it’s exclusively the same response – “I bought the console that had the games I wanted” and yet AGAIN I’m wrong, I’m apparently not allowed to want to have played Gears of War over Killzone, or Halo over Metal Gear Solid.

This kind of brand debate is absurd, it’s commonness is what  takes it from being a minor annoyance in my day to something that makes me harshly judge anyone who even thinks of going there.


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