Bangor’s Hidden Gems


With the long and gruelling month of January finally in the past and the less chilly month of March fast approaching, it is the perfect time to blow away those winter cobwebs and explore those unseen sights of the city. Although Bangor may not initially seem like the most beautiful destination in the world, it does hold some dazzling hidden gems which are perfect to seek out on those down days for a little pick-me-up adventure. All of the locations mentioned are in walking distance of Bangor and so you do not need to worry about needing a car to get there…or even getting the dreaded public transport.

First on the list is Roman Camp Hill. Although many of you may be well acquainted with the beautiful sea views of this destination, some of you may not be as lucky to have seen what this perfect nature spot has to offer. Located at the top of a public footpath down towards the bottom of College Road, Roman Camp may at first appear to be nothing more than a few fields and trees. Do not be mistaken as this is the perfect spot to watch the sunset over the Menai Strait. Take some time out with friends to watch the evening red sky on the perfectly positioned benches.

Next is the Gorsedd Stones, situated not too far away from Roman Camp Hill and so the ideal next spot for a longer scenic walk. The Gorsedd Stones are a circle of standing stones (imagine a much smaller version of Stonehenge but still similarly impressive) which are located just off Ffordd Siliwen Road. Not only can you admire the rock sculptures, but you can also witness the perfect sunrise and sunset from this exact spot.

Treborth Botanical Gardens are owned by Bangor University to teach students and the local community about the environment. It is located on Holyhead Road towards Menai Bridge which is still within walking distance. The gardens are abundant with flowers, plants and wildlife and contain several greenhouses which contain exotic flowers, succulents and even carnivorous plants. This is an excellent place to go on a dry, sunny day to give your mind a break from Uni work!

Although I have never been to Bangor Mountain before, I have heard from several people that it is a lovely walk if you want to see some of those beautiful views that North Wales has to offer. You can see over onto part of Anglesey and the Irish Sea. If you do not know what mountain I am talking about, just think of the hill (hardly a mountain) next to St. Mary’s accommodation. Whilst you are there, you can diverge onto the golf course which has a view of the whole of Bangor! Brilliant for those sun set walks after a busy day of lectures!


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