Bangor Business Alumni: George Buckley


By Paul Christophersen

Full name: George Buckley

 From: Buckinghamshire

 Course(s) studied: Economics

 Year graduated: 1993

How has your career developed since graduating from Bangor University, and what is your current job role? 

 After leaving Bangor I spent a year studying for my Masters (Economics & Finance) followed by a PhD (housing market economics), both at Bristol University. Upon completing my PhD I worked for Deutsche Bank’s global markets research department, eventually becoming Chief UK Economist. Most recently, in 2017, I moved to Nomura where my current role is Chief European Economist.

How has your degree and experiences at Bangor Business School influenced your career/life?

 As Nomura’s Chief European Economist I use the economic principles and theory that I first learned at Bangor in my every day work-life. Not only did my studies provide an important foundation for what was to eventually become my career, but what better place to study than Bangor with its beautiful backdrop of the Snowdonia National Park. What I learned and the friends I made at Bangor are to this day an integral part of my life.

Any advice to current Bangor students? 

Your time at university goes by so quick – make the most of it, study hard and make sure you take the time to foster good friendships and enjoy the incredibly varied environment that is North Wales. Make sure that when you leave university, you do so with more strings to your bow than a good degree – your extra-curricular activities and work experiences will be crucial to landing you the job you want.

 Describe your time at Bangor University in one word: … Memorable

Nomura is a global financial services group headquartered in Japan. It engages in its activities through 3 different divisions- retail, asset management and wholesale. Nomura’s aim is to connect global markets, east and west. Providing expertise in markets across the globe. With £409bn in total assets, Nomura is one of the most important financial intermediaries in the Far East, indeed globally.


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