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How Seren Spent their Summer – India


This summer was awesomely insane. Can you imagine eating curry 3 times a day for 12 weeks with your hands? Or riding buses with no windows or doors? Have you ever tried walking in a Sari? I got dressed up to go to a wedding ceremony at 6am but spent most of the time wondering how women did their day-to-day activities like hand washing and cooking in a Sari when I was struggling to just walk. India is unlike any other place I have been. I went out to Tamil Nadu with Restless Development for 3 months as part of the International Citizen Service, we worked in schools and rural communities teaching about health and livelihoods. Whilst volunteering I saw and did some insane things that are considered completely normal there, like getting smacked on the head by an elephant. Or improvising a complete outdoor lesson (not uncommon), because a monsoon hits and all your resources get ruined. Or seeing how many people you can squeeze into a tuk-tuk truck – we managed 13! Volunteering overseas was definitely a rewarding, challenging and fun experience. I met some incredible people who are challenging themselves to change the world.



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