Sober October: The best non-alcoholic drinks


Are you going sober for October, or just fancy a break from the booze?

This month Macmillan has launched its ‘Go Sober for October campaign 2014,’ encouraging people to lay off the drink for the entire month, hoping to raise money and save peoples pockets at the same time – with the average person spending £997.71 a year on booze alone.

This is a difficult goal to achieve for any person, because, let’s be honest – we are all drinkers; watching the TV, having dinner or a night in with the girls, but for us stereotypical students, it’s almost impossible!

To help you get through this month I have found a few alcohol-free alternatives for you all.

1. James White Russet Apple Juice. Made on a fruit farm outside Ipswich using 100% pressed apples, this rich-tasting, pungent, silky textured drink might well be the finest apple juice around.

2. Luscombe Hot Ginger Beer. The default substitute for temporary teetotallers, ginger beer can be a sickly sugar rush.

3. Peter Spanton Cardamom Tonic. This bijou mixer – sold at Selfridges and other exclusive outlets – is one of seven tonics designed to enhance gin and other spirits.

4. Bavaria Wit Beer. Sometimes you need one. This cloudy 0% beer has the fruity notes of an ordinary wheat beer.

5. Eisberg Alcohol-free Rosé. Harvested and produced in the normal way, with the alcohol removed at the end of the process, this wine has a pleasant, fruity nose and an appealing if sweetish rose-and-strawberry flavour.

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