INTERVIEW: FilmSoc Presidents – Hannah Grimston & Jess Simms


Introduce FilmSoc for us?

Film Society is a collective of students who make short films together. We also hold socials through Bar Uno, our sponsor, and Pontio which allow us to appreciate film through quizzes and screenings.

What challenges and rewards are involved in running a society like FilmSoc?

We believe the challenge leads to the reward, making and helping others make film is a challenging prospect. It takes time, patience and commitment, so learning to organise schedules is key. However seeing how that turns out is always a reward, we’ve created some amazing films and we are so proud of them.

What different opportunities can FilmSoc offer to members?

Not only is it an amazing way to make friends, other societies and people outside the uni sometimes can offer us work, which is great for experience.

What different stages of Filmmaking can members be involved in?

Film making is so multi-faceted and our members can get involved in any way. Most importantly is that it’s like a team sport, each member is vital. Film Society offers roles in directing, writing, producing, camera and sound as well as a range of other positions.

Tell me about the different kind of projects you can work on in FilmSoc?

Over the year we have two major projects. At the moment, we have five different crews working on a range of genres from mockumentary to Sci-fi.

On a smaller scale we have been holding workshops with a hands-on approach including one session where our members recreated and recorded sounds from film with whatever they could find.

What’s been your favourite project to work on this year?

Oh that’s difficult, each project is a learning opportunity, there are always so many ideas chucked forward so really all of them are potential favourite.

You have an end of year showcase coming up – how important is this event to your members?

The end of year showcase is a wonderful event for everyone involved in Film Soc and having the opportunity to use the cinema to showcase the work of students is amazing. Seeing the projects all finished and on the big screen is extremely rewarding for us and our members. It’s really a chance to celebrate and reflect on what we have achieved as a collective over the year as well as the work of students in the school of Music and Media. The standard and creativity of the films always blows us away and we have no doubts this year will be the same.

This year’s showcase will be held in Pontio cinema on the 10th May.


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