Short Of The Month – Blue Milk


Bangor alumnus Rory Farmer brings us the first recipient of our newly-created Short of the Month spotlight, a feature designed to cherry pick the very best sub-20 minute films that you can watch on the go for an instant cinematic hit to keep you going. Blue Milk is a hilarious superhero mockumentary, following the life of travel agent Joe who – after an encounter with some iffy milk – develops the ability to turn things blue. Mad skills, I know. Taking cues from sources as diverse as The Office, The Tick, and the sharp-cutting sharper-satirising work of British auteur Edgar Wright, what this short manages to do so well is impart upon its characters a genuineness and honesty that makes them engaging whilst, at the same time, riffing on the ludicrousness of comic book heroes and plot devices to satirise them mischievously and lovingly. The result is a singular short experience that makes its award-winning successes thoroughly deserved. Keep your eye on Farmer, we may well be hearing from him again very soon, and in the meantime go watch the short, available through Facebook and Vimeo now!



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