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Released on 13th June 2012, Rock of Ages is the film adaptation of the already popular stage musical of the same name. The film tells the story of Drew (Diego Boneta) and Sherrie (Julianne Hough), both living in Los Angeles trying to chase their dreams. Set in 1987, Drew and Sherrie fall in love but their relationships faces challenges from the get go and is challenged further when rock icon Stacee Jaxx (Tom Cruise) turns up in town.

 As well as starring Diego Boneta (Mean Girls 2), Julianne Hough (Footloose, 2011) and Tom Cruise the rest of the cast is filled out with Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Paul Giamatti. Wrestling fans should also pay attention to Stacee Jaxx’s bodyguards as one is played by WWE star Kevin Nash.

Rock of Ages is a fast moving film and is really brought to life by the music. The majority of the cast give great performances and make you want to sing along. Tom Cruise is certainly the star of the show and should be praised for his performance.  The story is your typical cheesy young love tale and is undoubtaedly what the audience want to see.

On the down side, the story moves on very quickly before you can really keep up and feel interested by what is going on. The overall storyline of a suffering rock club is followed along by stories of love and telling the audience two of its main characters are gay after almost an hour just seems to be done for the sake of it.
The major flaw of this film is down to whoever told Russell Brand to do a Birmingham accent for his character. The accent falls flat after the first sentence he speaks and turns from a strong brummie to a cockney and even a Cornish accent throughout the whole film.

Overall the film version of Rock of Ages isn’t brilliant but is a good film to see if you want to get out of the rainy weather. It is easy to see how this format works on the stage but it is hard to appreciate the format on screen. The cast are good but like previously said are let down by a few members. The music is great and really makes the film and the direction has clearly been done with enthusiasm. If you fancy watching Rock of Ages then certainly don’t turn it down as it is the only musical due for realease this summer.





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