The Best Tree in Wales?!

The Pentrefoelas Horse Chestnut Tree

The Pentrefoelas Horse Chestnut Tree

A village near Betws-y-Coed is now proud to be home to one of the eight contenders for the best ree in Wales! A horse chestnut tree in in Pentrefoelas near Betws-y-Coed was announced as a contender for the best tree in Wales last week. e spectacular tree is situated in the centre of Pentrefoelas, next to the Afon Merddwr, by the A5; the competition is not looking for beauty however, its objective is to nd the tree that most brings the community together.

The Woodland Trust has said that the competition is about showing the importance of trees, as they can be both a focal point for a community as well as part of the local social history. The horse chestnut tree, in Pentrefoelas, has provided local children with a yearly supply of conkers which it has been doing for generations, and has also facilitated the annual conker tournament in the village for many years. Locals in Pentrefoelas hope their beloved tree has what it takes to become tree of the year.

The Competition is running online and the winning contestant will be entered in to the European Tree of the Year Competition next year, to represent Wales. To vote for your favourite, scan the QR code below with your smartphone.
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