Seren’s Top 5 Eco Blogs



This website is very well organised, it’s easy to navigate which is useful because it covers  so much ground. The news section is useful and interesting but there are so many areas of interest covered, it’s easy to get lost on there for a good while.

Life Goggles

This one is interesting because although it’s packed with reviews of everything you could ever need, it also comes up with some nice little gems. We especially like the book reviews.

Environmental Graffiti

We can’t say much more about this blog than it is SO INTERESTING. There are features on things you will never have heard of, artists doing things you could never have imagined and some truly breathtaking photography. Please go and look at it now.


Being environmentally aware is trendy these days, but the politics section of this blog really gets stuck into the dirty business of being a politically informed eco-warrior. It’s about time we moved away from biodegradable toilet brushes and took at look at sustainability from a political standpoint.

The Daily Green

There are lots of practical information for how to improve the sustainability of your lifestyle on here. It’s also quite nice to look at.




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