Cheap ways to lower your energy bills this winter


Wrapping up: Doing it wrong

Insulate your windows
If you don’t have double glazing (and your landlord isn’t interested in providing it) you can tape cling film over the glass in your windows. Make sure you leave no gaps and use a hairdryer to heat it and create a vacuum. It should last you all winter.


Reflect heat from your radiators
If you have a gap between your radiators and the wall, stick tinfoil (shiny side out) behind the radiator to reflect the heat back into the room that would otherwise be wasted on heating the wall.


Let the sun shine in
If and when the sun shines, let it in! The sun will heat your rooms for free.


Wrap up!
Blankets, woolly socks, bobbly jumpers – ‘Tis the season and heavy knits are in…probably.


Block drafts
It could not be easier to make your own draft excluder. If you have a pair of old pyjama pants or leggings that you don’t want (and you’ll probably get new ones for Christmas anyway) cut the legs off, stuff them with newspaper (the denser the better) weigh it with something like rice or 2p coins and you’re set to exclude those drafts. Stuffing newspaper down gaps in your windows work well too. Get saving your Banglesey Mails!


Leave the oven door open when you’ve finished. Sounds simple because it is and it’ll heat your kitchen up in no time. Remember to turn it off though.


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