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Greetings from Campus Life


Greetings from the Campus Life office!

By now, you should all be settling in nicely, getting down to some serious study, and finally working out a rota of whose turn it is to buy the next family pack of loo roll and washing up liquid. The joys of communal living.

Serious work is all well and good, but remember that all work and no play makes Jack (or Jill) a very dull person indeed. Not only is a bit of fun and relaxation good for you, but research shows that you are more likely to stay at Uni, complete your degree, and have a good time while you’re at it. Bonus.

The Campus Life calendar is an exciting mix of events ranging from free music gigs at Acapela Hall at St Mary’s, free Sunday dinners, free transport to local attractions, free pizza events, free sports and outdoor activities, and free social nights. There’s a theme here…

Experience has proved that anything with the word ‘free’ in front of it will generally fill up really quickly,  so when you see it advertised get your name down sharpish. Remember to turn up when you’ve booked an event or a trip—when you book a seat and don’t turn up, it means someone else has missed out.

Whether you’re more St Trinian than Slytherin, we want you to get involved with your halls activities, earning Campus Cup points along the way. Points translate into rankings on the Campus Cup leader board and you can view how your hall is doing each week on your My Bangor page. Your halls wristband will get you lots of goodies, including free entry into Academi on selected nights. Keep an eye out for details of when they’ll be available and wear your hall band with pride.

Wondering who to talk to about what the next event is or what you’d like to see on the events planner next semester?  Visit the Campus Life Crew. Harri, Aimee, Clare, Chyanna, Sam and Luke are your friendly Campus Life team. They’re easily spotted, dressed in bright colours; their day-glo yellow hoodies are a sight to behold. If you’re quick you can catch them flitting between events and villages as, like superheroes, they go where they are needed.

Here’s to the rest of the term: may you play hard, eat heartily, sleep deeply, and study well.


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