Author: Liam Shipton

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Creative Corner Editor 2015, Film Editor 2014/15

One of my earliest memories of primary school is of an English lesson, and the teacher told us that when writing stories, to never, under any circumstances, use the word “nice”, because it’s just too dull and unimaginative. A meal isn’t “nice”, it’s “delicious”; a sunset isn’t “nice”, it’s “beautiful”. Yet in one of the most talked-about films of the year, after billionaire master of kink Christian Grey shows Ana into his chamber of torture, introduces her to his collection of whips and chains, holds her down and rips the virginity out of her, he rolls off of her only…

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Oscar season always brings forth a flurry of “must-see” films, with writers, actors and directors bringing their A-game to the party in order to claim the most coveted awards in Hollywood. As a film critic with only two pages worth of space to fill, this makes it an incredibly difficult time of year to choose what to write about. This year however, the most stunning film that I’ve seen has not in fact been nominated for an Oscar. The film is called ‘Match’, and it is 90 minutes of proof that all a film really needs in order to make…

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