The Walking Dead: Road to Survival


Can you get enough of The Walking Dead? From the graphic novel to the TV Series everyone seems to be getting addicted to the creation of Robert Kirkman, but what about the gaming experience?

There are a number of subpar apps out there unofficially touting this masterpieces name but few come up to scratch when you try to immerse yourself in the storyline, the only one I have found to be addictive and reflective of the original story is that of the Road to Survival. Although this app only received a limited soft-launch by Scopely on the Google Play store back in May, and an official for both Android and iOS in August, the game already has well over 200,000 users and 511 articles on its dedicated WiKi.

Playing the decision driven based RPG gives you a sense of what was left out of the stories and television series as you get to control some of the key characters. The story begins in Woodberry with Phillip Blake, prior to his infamy as the Governor. Although we are lacking Daryl [a creation purely for the series], and Rick being armed to the teeth, the story is easy to slip into with the ability to make your own decisions regarding some of the story lines.

As a turn-based game you quickly settle into picking which of your characters should attack first. Where you are concerned with zombies they take a step closer after each of your characters have taken their turn, where you are dealing with humans each of the opposing side will attack you in turn. Each character and weapon will do various damage so it is important that you size up your options before heading in all guns blazing.

One of the best things about this game is that the story runs parallel to the main events in the books with  characters relaying news from Woodbury as you complete the different sections in the single-player campaign. The ability to make some of the big decisions means that each player should receive a unique experience to their friends and fellow players.

The game contains a standard base-building style alongside its story-mode comprising of the usual sit-and-wait building and collecting that has become the norm for mobile device gaming. Factions also seem to be a regular feature of modern mobile gaming whereby you join a group to fight together and build the biggest score to become the strongest and fastest team.

Overall, while the game follows some traditional methods and themes, the single-player or campaign modes are much more engaging with their story line than anything I have come across before. The reward of taking a small, ragged team into battle and come out victorious after several waves of enemies and zombies is so rewarding.

Available on Android and iOS


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