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FlightRadar24 is a flight tracking software that allows you to track aircraft all over the world, including some military flights such as RAF Valley’s Hawks. The software is available on PC, Mac, and all major smartphones.

Although not one of life’s essential pieces of software, it is great fun and easy to use, allowing you to zoom in and out of specific locations, pinpoint a specific aircraft to see the aircraft and flight information, and it even has filters; allowing you to target specific aircraft, airlines, or flights.

One of the latest updates allows you to point your smartphone camera at the sky and it will identify any aircraft in its field of vision. Then the really cool bit, at the touch of a button you phone will display a cockpit view from the aircraft you have picked.  The clever app will pick up the aircraft’s location, height and heading and create a 3D virtual image on your phone’s screen.

The app is available for free from the various app stores but some of the functionality is only available through the premium versions of the app. iOS, £2.63, Android, £2.49 , Windows, £2.29, and in some cases in-app purchases give further enhancements.

Definitely not the most expensive app you can buy, and if you have any interest in aircraft at all it’s great value for money.


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  1. At the moment, a look at airborne radar is particularly interesting. Due to the coronavirus many airlines have cancelled a lot of connections. Seldom has the map of the flight radar been seen so empty.

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